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enjoy smile Co.
Kanagawa Japan

What is enjoy smile Co.?

The company name enjoy smile Co. represents the values we cherish.

“enjoy” signifies finding joy and pleasure in what we do,
and we prioritize seeking joy in our activities and work,
embracing the creative process.

“smile” symbolizes bringing smiles to others,
signifying that our presence brings happiness to those around us.

We take delight in collaborating and sharing creative ideas,
aiming to make smiles for our customers, stakeholders, and everyone involved.

The “Co.” implies “together” and represents cooperation and unity among peers.

While “Co.” is an abbreviation for “Company,”
its origin comes from the Latin words “com” (together) and “panis” (bread),
combined with the suffix “-y” representing companionship.
In essence, it conveys the meaning of “comrades eating bread together.”

The “Co.” in our company name signifies our commitment
to working together, fostering a spirit of cooperation and harmony.

At enjoy smile Co., we collaborate with our peers, find joy in shared achievements,
and foster partnerships with our customers and stakeholders to deliver new value
while sharing happiness and smiles along the way.