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Hobby Hive Creation

“Hobby Hive” signifies a place where hobby enthusiasts gather, working together like bees to achieve a common purpose. “Hobby Hive Creation” is a platform where hobbyists collaborate to bring projects to life. Creating something new requires various resources such as project management, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and sales. Enjoy smile Co. complements these resources, assisting you in realizing what you desire.

Whether it’s an individual’s “I want this!” or a group’s “We want to make this!”, we clarify the extent of work you wish to handle yourselves or what tasks you can manage within your group. Importantly, we consider how many people out there desire the product. The more demand there is, the higher the chances of bringing the project to life. We support the process of creation following the steps below.

How to Begin Your Creation Journey


Clearly define the image, ideas, and purpose of the item you desire or want to create. Consider how many others share the same desire.


Gather like-minded individuals with a common purpose. The more people who share the same vision, the closer you are to realizing your ideas.


Examine the necessary tasks and processes, and define the scope of work. Allocate responsibilities for tasks you can handle within your group and identify any missing resources.


Once the project’s outline is determined, please contact us through the “Contact Us” form. We will review your inquiry and arrange to discuss the details further, possibly through online communication.

【How much does Hobby Hive Creation cost?】

Hobby Hive Creation involves enjoy smile Co. participating in the product creation process alongside project members who share the same passion for making things.

You (proposer), as the project leader, will take the lead, and enjoy smile Co. will provide support as needed, such as planning, schedule management, and securing any necessary resources.

Furthermore, at enjoy smile Co., we conduct financial calculations for each project and develop a business plan where the income and expenses of the project are balanced to zero at the point of selling out through pre-orders and crowdfunding.

The success of the first stage of this project lies in the proposer and collaborators contributing their own manpower and skills to bring the desired creation to life and obtain it.

Then, the project enters its second stage, which involves sharing what you have created with the wider audience, ideally reaching a global market.

To achieve this, there are options such as selling the idea to major manufacturers or conducting self-sales.

When the product achieves significant sales and generates profits, the project members will receive a share of the profits based on their contributions in terms of manpower, skills, and time.

enjoy smile Co. is a fellow member of the project, and our success depends on the successful sales and wide support of the product. Only then will we be able to receive a share of the profits. It is an innovative approach, but we are confident that it will become a supportive mechanism for the future of hobby product creation.


The proposer of the project, can be an individual or a group, summarizes the concept of the desired product or item to be created. In this example, the proposer is responsible for design, testing and validation, and information dissemination through social media. During the crowdfunding campaign, the proposer plays a role in refining the product to attract more backers and effectively communicate its appeal.


A partner who supports this project. enjoy smile Co. takes the lead and approaches the most suitable talents through the web and social media. In this example, we anticipate partners for website construction and management, as well as production facilities. Any tasks not covered by the proposer and enjoy smile Co. will generally be recruited from partners. However, if the ideal partner cannot be found, outsourcing may be considered.

※Partners will be recruited according to the needs of the project. If you are a creator and the have skills or ideas that match the project, please feel free to contact us through the inquiry form.


Investors are sponsors who contribute the funds necessary for the production of the product. We anticipate the following three types of investors:

  1. Purchasers through pre-orders
  2. Crowdfunding backers (supporters)
  3. Production factories, manufacturers, and supportive investors who endorse the project
  4. Enjoy smile Co. as a contributing investor
enjoy smile Co.

enjoy smile Co. will handle overall project management. This includes approaching necessary partners, managing schedules and budgets, productization (packaging and manual creation), production, procurement, transportation, outsourcing management, acting as the corporate contact for crowdfunding, recruiting investors, general sales, and profit distribution. We will take charge of all the tasks required and lacking in the process of product creation.

Road Map


Initial Production and Fundraising

We will seek investors or conduct initial production through pre-orders (crowdfunding).


Initial Production Sold Out

The initial production will be sold through pre-orders. While covering the initial costs, there will be no profit.


Collaboration with Manufacturers or Self-Sales

We will collaborate with manufacturers or partners to achieve general sales. Alternatively, we may handle sales ourselves.


Profit Acquisition

We will generate sales and revenue through royalty agreements with manufacturers and our own sales efforts.

Profit Distribution

Regarding profit distribution, we will consider the contribution based on the project’s achievements and distribute accordingly. Contribution will be adjusted based on the skills, efforts, and time provided to the project. The number of beehives represents an indicator of how much each member has contributed to the project and corresponds to various roles depicted in the project image diagram.